Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rainbow team! Unite!

I need a small favor of you, my oh-so faithful readership (and also the people who decide to leave notes in Chinese every once in a while).  I'm in the early stages of putting some ideas together with artist Mario Wytch, who did the Faith and Charity pages I posted a while ago and drew an awesome pinup for Teddy and the Yeti issue #2.

The basic design for the main character of this project is what you see above - what we haven't been able to decide upon is the color scheme for said character.  I'm looking for opinions.  Which (if any) do you like best?  Which would be a horrible choice?  I'm asking this because I can't seem to come to any conclusions myself.  I'll tally down the answers, and whoever picks the color we ultimately choose wins nothing.  This ain't no soccer game "two-dollar for as long as your arm" ticket raffle!  But really, opinions would be helpful.


The Grouchy Gastronome said...

Please, dear lord NOT the pink. It not feminist and also is the yellow and light purple. Red on private regions of women tend to conjure...unseeingly ideas. Green makes her look like a tree hugging hippie. This leaves dark purple and blue. Everyone knows that blue is the color of winners, so it should be the color of SHE.

Also, I should add that when I originally saw this picture, I thought it was about a team of crime fighting septuplets, now that is a GREAT idea!

Jeff said...

Plus, if one or two of them would get killed, it would be no big deal. Because there would be more of them!

Mario said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks!

Sara said...

I actually really liked the pink. I don't think you see many pink costumed crime fighters out there (she does fight crime?). However, I also really liked the blue as well, but you see lots of blue costumes. Yellow is probably my third favorite. I'd also have to say both dark purple and light purple look kind of icky (I'm not a big fan of purple, though it does go good with yellow...). As far as the red and green costumes go I feel rather in between. They're not bad, but they aren't my favorites either.