Sunday, March 7, 2010

More proof that God exists

We live in a vast, amazing, incredibly diverse world.  It's true that we don't take care of it like we should, but it's still nice to think that one day we as a species will get out collective acts together and become the stewards we were meant to be, so we can enjoy the world and all it has to offer, such as the newly discovered yeti crab.

Discovered in 2006, the yeti crab is a blind crustacean with hairy arms that lives in the Pacific Ocean around hydrothermal vents in the ocean floor.  Tiny bacteria live on its furry appendages, and while their exact purposes are unknown, it's speculated that they might help protect the yeti crab from toxic fluids that rise from the volcanic vents.

I find it funny that while the yeti is a mythological creature, springing out of folklore, a creature with a derivative name is alive and well, scuttling along at over a mile deep in a place even more remote than the Himalayan Mountains.  If it was at all ethically sound and financially possible for me to keep a yeti crab in a tank at my house, I would, but it's neither, so I'll have to be content to love this mysterious creature from a distance.


Larry said...

You have to incorporate that into an issue. Yeti could ride a giant one like He-Man rides Battle Cat. Or have one as a pet like you want to. Or they could save a whole bunch of them from a crazed seafood chain restuarant owner, bent on serving them with a side of cole slaw. Oh the possibilites are endless.

Jeff said...

I really am considering putting a yeti crab in the book, somehow. My thinking was that the Yeti would have one as a pet of some sort, but I don't want to promote the wrong idea that you should just take wild animals and make them pets. I'd have snuck one into the undersea story in issue #3 if I had known about this in time.