Thursday, May 7, 2020

Marvel Fanfare 46 original art

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've gotten any original art, but I was recently able to grab the above page and I wanted to show it off.

This page comes from Marvel Fanfare #46, an '80s anthology title; this issue, as you can see by the cover, featured the Fantastic Four. The cover story has the Mad Thinker stuck in the body of his Awesome Android, so he comes to the FF for help.

The artwork is by Louis Williams with inks by Bob Wiacek. And since this page is pre-2000s, it's got all of the glorious lettering, as well. Jim Novak added them right on the art, as opposed to pasting them on as some letterers would.

I'm especially excited to have all four team members on the page. Reed certainly gets his share of panel space on this page.

But of course, there's also good ol' Ben Grimm, who manages to get a few good lines in, as well. That panel on the left is a great one, with really nice linework from Williams and Wiacek. Oh, and there's the tiny little page number pasted on at the bottom!

Flipping the page over, there's an extra sketch, presumably by Williams, too! I love little additions like this. The page is surprisingly clean overall, with only a little Wite Out on the front, and none of the editorial notes that I'm used to seeing. It's another great FF page to add to the collection!

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