Monday, April 22, 2019

Pictures from the 2018 New York Comic Con, part 3 (Saturday, 10/6)

I had so many pictures from Saturday at NYCC, we're getting a second post. Here we go!

Is it just me, or are Ghost Rider costumes really killing it over the last few years? Costuming in general has gotten a lot more professional-level, I guess, but I see more incredible Ghost Rider costumes than any other. Which one is this one, Johnny Blaze?

At the Tick booth, I ran into Barry Josephson, one of the executive producers on the current Amazon show! I, uh, gave him some pins.

Then I saw Tiffany Smith! I know her as a movie critic from various Rotten Tomatoes panels, but she's also an actress and show host!

Dr. Doom soon passed by. The guy in the background seems wary, as he should be.

The NYCC Tick issue debuted here (naturally), and here I am to the side of the New England Comics booth with artist Ian Nichols. Some VIP members came to the booth (as seen in the background) so we moved aside for a while.

And then I saw Jennie Wood! We had to discuss a signing on Sunday, and you'll see pictures from that...when I post Sunday's pictures.

Working my way out toward the concourse area, I saw this great She-Ra interactive display, and also this fan dressed as the Sorceress!

Since I had a few minutes, and because it looked so great, I decided to check out the display. The lines were confusing and I very well might have (unintentionally, I promise) skipped a major backlog of people waiting to see this.

I of course remember He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fondly from my 1980s childhood, but I never had any strong feelings about She-Ra at all. The walk-through was fun and we got some pins and other convention swag, and it convinced me to check out the show, even though I was sure it would be aimed at a younger audience. And then I watched the show and loved every minute of it. It's a great show and absolutely worth seeing if you haven't yet!

The show ended for the day soon after, but I managed to get a few more pictures of people in costume on this, the busiest day of the event. Here's Hellboy!

Ant-Man and Infinity War-era Spider-Man!

It's the show floor!

This person was ahead of the Spider-Verse game. Those octopus arms had to be cumbersome.

Is that a Mortal Combat/Green Lantern mashup? Weird.

This gentleman greeted me as I waited outside of a restaurant to eat dinner. Any 2099 costume is a good costume.

I wrote about this in January, but after dinner, I took off to find the Baxter Building!

I might have crashed a fancy party at Rockefeller Plaza.

On the way back to catch the train, I walked by NBC Studios and someone made fun of me for getting a picture here. It might have been SNL backup band members. That's okay - I had a Fantastic Four shirt on and was carrying convention items. I realize I looked like a tourist. I regret nothing.

I'll post Sunday's pictures soon!

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