Saturday, March 23, 2019

Pictures from the 2018 New York Comic Con, part 2 (Saturday, 10/6)

I took a lot of pictures of the New York Comic Con on Saturday. I took too many to show them all in one post! The post explodes if I post more than 25 pictures - I'll bet that you didn't realize that. But it's true! I'm very concerned about safety. Let's look at some pictures!

I never quite know what to make of people outside of the convention center in costume who just seem to be hanging out, standing by a telephone pole or whatever. Are these people who don't have tickets but want to join in on the festivities anyway? Did Beta Ray Bill feel like going for a walk around NYC in full costume as a lark? Are they just...biding their time? There's not much going on outside of the convention center, is what I'm saying. But I did enjoy seeing Lady Sif and my favorite horse-themed Alien (take that, Comet!), Beta Ray Bill.

Do you think he made this Black Panther mask? It's a really good one.

One of the last Rickmobile stops on the 2018 tour was at NYCC, and I finally got a chance to go on Saturday after missing out in San Diego. I considered driving to Buffalo a few months earlier, but that would've been...a mistake. To my great surprise, there was almost no line for this on the busiest day of the convention (in 2017, I waited about two hours in line when it came to Pittsburgh). I bought the official Rickmobile comic book and a Morty mask.

The classic '90s Superboy pose right here.


Does anyone like Waluigi? I hate him.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about people dressing up as comic book or movie Nazis at conventions anymore. Some people take it too seriously. But, credit where it's due, this is a great Red Skull outfit. The mask is fantastic.

Pretty fancy outfits Skeletor and Evil-Lyn have going on here.

We're at the point where kids who grew up watching "Teen Titans Go!" are coming to conventions dressed as their favorite Titan. Good on 'em.

I will never not appreciate someone with his or her own DOOP costume.

Cap & Peggy.


In the early afternoon, I was in line at the Marvel booth to get some comics. As I made my way to the registers, the Marvel costume contest was hitting its stride. And Dr. Doom looked on...

Here are a couple shots of most of the contestants.

I was impressed by a lot of what I saw - and a little surprised to hear a number of contestants, as they were on stage, talk about how they had five or six other people on their "team", helping them with different aspects of their costumes and even just getting in and out of the things. I guess it's a profession for some.

Look at all of this. I appreciate the guy who stuck to his guns and went as Reed Richards.

As I was paying for my items, the crowd started to disperse and I got to see a number of costumes up close. Ivy and Joker were perhaps trying to infiltrate.

How many people would put the effort into creating such a detailed Annihilus costume? The Fantastic Four have the best villains. How great is this?

That's it for now. More to come from the rest of Saturday!

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