Friday, March 1, 2019

Pictures from the 2018 New York Comic Con, part 1 (Friday, 10/5)

Let's take a deep breath, everyone. I attended the 2018 New York Comic Con for three days in October, and I took a lot of pictures. It's time to look at them. I feel that you're ready! Let's go!

I want to point out that these folks dressed up like this a few months before "Into the Spider-Verse" came out. Good on them for being ahead of the curve!

The first picture I took once I got into the Javits Center was of some guy's sketchbook. I like to think that my two Thing sketchbooks are pretty cool (and they are), but this individual had a Jack Kirby Captain America in his. This is a big deal. Yow!

As I made my way along the floor, I ran into Anthony Del Col, writer of the recently published "Son of Hitler" for Image Comics, which I lettered.

This was my first time seeing the book! It's a really high quality hardcover.

There are two of the best costumes I saw all weekend. Colossus's face paint and contacts are really well done.

I always appreciate seeing older folks taking the time to dress up in costume. I have to imagine that this gentleman dresses up as General MacArthur at times as well. This Popeye has an iPhone in his spinach can.

Drax and Star Lord should switch places, but I get it.

This was an oddly specific Coneheads couple. I remember the wedding dress/flower wreath combo from the movie, right?

The Black Flash has finally caught up to his heroic counterparts.

In every Elseworlds, a Batman.

Group costumes have to be the hardest to pull off, just because if you want to really make it work, you've got to stick together all day. Unity put more work into her costume than anyone else.

Snotgirl is...such a weird concept. But she's got her fans.

Listen, everyone. There were TWO couples dressed as Coneheads at NYCC on Friday, independent of each other. I asked this couple about it and they said they had no idea someone else was also doing it. Madness!

It's the Golden Age Batwoman!

The chest-level video screen on this Armin Zola was really well done. Good on this guy for making it work.

It seems that every year, there's a symbiote meetup at NYCC, and every year, the costumes get more elaborate.

This Carnage is apparently steam powered.

I guess if you've got the body type, you can pull it off. This was a great Malibu Ken, mint in package!

That is...a movie quality MASK, uh, mask. He's been waiting 25 years for this moment.

I will never not take pictures of full-size Krang, this one with clever face place-age.

What is Steel's hammer made of? A suitcase?

Static Shock!

This was a father-daughter combo dressed as The Tick and Miss Lint. Lint even got the buttons on her outfit correct. Needless to say, I was very excited too see these two.

Ben Edlund stopped by the New England Comics booth later in the day. I always appreciate getting to talk to him, and this time, I got a pretty wonderful Thing sketch from him, too.

This picture was obviously taken later in the day, because when else do you see the walkways in the Javits Center so relatively empty?

I saw this walking video game cabinet at several points during the show. The game was playable, too. There's a joystick joke out there somewhere.

Good on this guy for having the courage to dress as Jubilee - and to pull it off pretty well, too!

The last panel of the night was Adult Swim's Venture Bros. panel! It was mostly held to promote the new "Art of the Venture Bros." Dark Horse book, but there were a lot of questions and a lot of topics covered.

And also at some point there was ice cream.

This was a pretty great (if not weird) Brown Recluse costume.

Just like at SDCC, attendees here were given animation art from the show! It's hard to express how much I appreciate stuff like that - because these would be expensive to get otherwise (and I really like them!). This one is from the "All This and Gargantua Two!" episode, with Professor Impossible's stretchy arm winding its way from one side of the page to the other.

Lots to see on Friday. More to come from the rest of the weekend!

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