Monday, March 5, 2018

Edy's Krypton Cookie Dough ice cream

For reasons that are beyond my comprehension, my "Who owns Superman ice cream?" post from 2010 is one of my most popular posts of all time. Maybe a lot of people really want to know the answer to that question? Sorry to say, but I do not answer it in the above post...but please, click on the link to move it further up the top-10 ladder.

More than seven years later, we now have some officially-licensed Superman ice cream in the form of Edy's Krypton Cookie Dough ice cream. Because this blog is about nothing if it's not about trying comic book-inspired foods, I picked up a container from the local Giant Eagle and decided to give it a go.

The branding on the packaging is, of course, probably more important than the ice cream itself, and DC/Edy's did a good job this time around. I've love to know who drew this lovely Superman on top of the carton. It would look better with red shorts (soon, soon), but that's okay for now.

The carton describes the product as "cookie dough light ice cream with red and gold cookie dough pieces and blue sprinkles". Does this mean that I just bought low-fat ice cream? Or is "light" another way to say "vanilla"? I have no idea.

The ice cream is very, very sweet, but it's pretty good. I'm a fan of cookie dough ice cream and I thought the cookie dough pieces weren't very flavorful (and I can't imagine what the red and gold dyes are doing to my delicate insides), but overall, I liked it. It's something I'd buy again.

Perhaps the best thing about this ice cream is that it comes with comics on the back! There are four in total, and so far I've found three of them.

 I do wonder what Edy's means when it suggests that you "collect all 4". Do you want me to keep four full ice cream containers in my freezer for the rest of my life? Or should I eat the ice cream and then put the empty cartons in a box somewhere? I refuse to do this. Pictures will have to suffice.

Phew - it looks like Superman wins in the end, thank goodness. Edy's also has a Batman and a Wonder Woman-themed ice cream, which I'm willing to try out...for the good of the blog.

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Larry said...

I saw a picture of the Batman ice cream online and it has Batman shaped brownie pieces inside. That seems more fun to me than colored cookie dough. It seems Edy's dropped the ball here by not making it the traditional Superman ice cream like the flavor you blogged about before that is multi-colored ice cream. I wonder what the thinking behind that is: "We finally got the DC licenses, we can make a real Superman ice cream! Nah, let's make our own and call it Krypton ice cream." Weird.