Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Even more Tick promotional items

Back in July, when I got home from Comic-Con in San Diego, I took stock of all the promotional Tick items that were given out at the show. As I mentioned here, it was really a staggering amount of free swag that was given away to tens of thousands of people. The "free" part was only half of it, too, as many of the items were of a nice quality. So I never expected when I went to the New York Comic-Con in October that there would be even more great stuff given out to promote the new Amazon show. I'll post pictures of the actual event and displays soon, but for now I wanted to show the new items that were available at NYCC.

In a previous post, I lamented that I didn't have the wherewithal to approach one of the "Team Tick" members in San Diego about buying one of their staff shirts after the event. Well, I managed to talk to the right people in New York and I walked out with an official Team Tick shirt on the Saturday of the show.

On the bottom of the shirt, both front and back, there's a printed silhouette of The Tick that's not always easy to see in pictures.

Soon after the show in New York ended, someone listed a shirt from San Diego on eBay, and looking at the listing, I saw that the two shirts were actually slightly different, so I was able to grab one of those. The basic design is the same, but instead of the "when destiny calls" phrase on the NYCC shirt, the SDCC shirt reads "Need help? Let us know."

The printing on one of the sleeves is different as well. The shirt from SDCC has "stream Aug 25" on it, and the NYCC shirt says "stream now".

The big TICK display at NYCC centered around a walk-in replica of "Dangerboat", Overkill's trusty robotic sidekick/mode of transportation. Upon entering, you could fill out a computer-based form with information on your superhero identity, and afterwards you'd get a printout on a sticker. I, uh, went through twice, so I got two IDs, revealing two pretty incredible superpowers.

This was similar to the AEGIS website that provides you with a more detailed version of the superhero questionnaire.

As you walked through the Dangerboat display, you could scan your wristband to get a replica of Overkill's favorite food, Fo-Ham.

I talked for a bit with the person who designed the display, and she told me that she and other workers had to put the stickers on the cans by hand. I can't imagine how many hours that took.

I'm pretty sure that most of the instructions and nutrition facts on the label are taken from a container of Spam. The picture is certainly Spam.

I was able to get my can autographed by Ben Edlund and Griffin Newman!

Opening the can revealed not Fo-Ham, but actually a set of Tick enamel pins! The Tick image, probably not coincidentally, is the same as the Tick Twitter icon.

After I made it through the display, I learned that there were actually two sets of pins, and I was fortunate enough to get the other set soon after. This one features Arthur's wings and the AEGIS crest.

The Fo-Ham and the pins were more than enough for a display like this, but upon leaving the area, I was able to grab an officially branded Tick poncho, taking its cue from the second episode of the series. This thing is giant and heavy. Again, I'm taken back by the sheer number of items that were given away at this show.

...and they weren't done! The official Tick panel was held on Saturday morning, and everyone in attendance got an 11x17 poster, a companion piece to the one given out at Comic-Con, promoting the next six episodes of the first season, airing in February!

To get through the display, everyone was given an RFID-chipped wristband. This one would get you access to the Tick display on the main floor, as well as another display for the show "Lore", which was one another floor.

This was, again, an overwhelming amount of free stuff. It's great that Amazon is all in on promoting the show! I wonder what they'll give away next?

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