Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pictures from the 2016 Comic-Con International, part 6: Sunday (Thing sketchbook, Adult Swim...and the aftermath!)

Hey! It's the last batch of Comic-Con pictures...until I go to the New York Comic Con in less than two weeks! Here are pictures from the final day of Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego.

My Thing sketchbook had two empty pages in it before this convention. Chris Burnham filled up the very last page on Sunday. There are a few little things I'd like to do with the book before I officially lock it up in a vault somewhere, but this is, I feel, some kind of milestone in my life (right?). You'll notice that Batman and X-Men artist Burnham has a Pac Man lanyard on...we also had a nice chat about old video games. It turns out that Burnham once owned a arcade cabinet himself.

I'm extra excited to bring these two things home with me - signed and sketched comics from both Matt Groening and Sergio Aragones! 

I never take enough pictures of the floor. It's hard to get an idea of the scope of this convention even when you're there, let along from an image. But here's this, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Todd Nauck is a great guy who is kind enough to acknowledge my presence every year when I walk up and bother him at a show. Todd has worked on pretty much every major mainstream character. It's pretty impressive.

The Sideshow booth is always mind-alteringly awesome. Check out this TMNT statue set based on the original movies.

Wanna grab a Star Trek uniform? It's possible.

Due to my foolishly-acquired sunburn (and other reasons), I didn't do much outside of the convention center this year. But on Sunday I decided that I would finally give the Adult Swim on the Green offsite a try. The lines were incredibly long - you'd have to wait a few hours to get one of their screen-printed shirts (I passed).

But I did stop at Meatwad's Dome, which had a new, and very trippy, show this year.

The costumes were impressive every day of the show. It didn't slow down on Sunday.

I ran into Ally Cat, a great artist and a cool gal, at her booth which was situated right by one of the snack bars. They're trying to fit as many booths into the convention center. I guess some of them eventually have to be next to the nachos.

And here's Eric Esquivel, a writer who's comin' up in the world. He just announced that he'll be writing a story in this year's DC Christmas special.

There were a lot of Star Trek costumes at the show this year. These Borg looked great!

I managed to grab a quick picture with Griffin Newman, Arthur on the (greenlit!) Amazon "Tick" series, before he went back behind the New England Comics booth to do another round of signings.

DC's New Super-Man title had only just launched at this point, but here's a really great costume from the last day of the show.

The NEC booth was pretty busy on the last three days of the show. Ben and Griffin signed for hours. It was great to see the enthusiasm fans had for the character. It's funny to see copies of the SDCC exclusive comic pop up on eBay every so often with their signatures on it.

Our last cosplay for the show is a fun one - the Guardians of the Galaxy family, complete with a potted Groot!

One more before the show ends.

I'm always surprised at how quickly the convention clears out when 5:00 rolls around. People are ready to go, I guess. I have to believe that someday soon, they'll extend the hours until 6:00, or at least have panels that go on after the convention closes. It's a taxing show, but everyone seems to have a good time.

This is about the time that I scour around for empty boxes to send stuff home in.

Might as well wrap up some creators for the offseason. It keeps 'em fresh.

Riding a bike on the show floor? There are no rules!!

And thus ends my Comic-Con adventure for 2016. Planning has already begun for next year's show! But thankfully, I had a least a few days to rest up. I stayed in the area for a few days and made a trip to San Diego's Cat Cafe once again.

I then hit up a local state park, where I activated my lobster powers.

And then, at the top of the mountain...

After San Diego, I went out to Los Angeles for a few days, where I was pretty blown away by the exhibits at The Getty Museum. This is absolutely a must see if you're in the area.

It's really impressive.

I ended the trip by stopping by the Santa Monica pier.

There. I went in the ocean.

Until next time, Comic-Con.

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