Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pictures from the 2016 Comic-Con International, part 5: Saturday (Futurama, Scott Bakula @ NerdHQ, MST3K, Joss Whedon and more!)

Saturday was another really big day at Comic-Con. Let's see those pictures!

The Lego booth is always really impressive, but it's often swarmed with people, so I don't always get to check out the many displays they have to see. I arrived a little early this day, though, so I got to take a few pictures.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but Lego Batman has taken of a life of itself. The miniature Batman and Batgirl models would be impressive enough without the giant likenesses towering over them.

Another shot of quiet Comic-Con.

Comic-Con is so big and there's so much to see that somehow I missed seeing the Fan-O-Rama booth with its life-size Futurama costumes. These were obviously pretty stunning.

Fan-O-Rama is a live-action Futurama fan film that is slated to be released soon. The creators were at the convention letting people know about the project.

The detail was pretty amazing. I can't imagine how much money was put into something like this, something that is ultimately an unofficial (and legally questionable) entry into the Futurama mythos.

It's got to take a lot of love to create a tribute like this. I hope that the film is successful (but not so much that the creators get sued). Knowing that people care about the property gives you a warm feeling. You can learn more about the project at

Here's a nice Toy Story costume!

And Comic-Con isn't complete with Stan Lee and hordes of people stopping to see Stan Lee.

The Dazzler!

There were a number of Ghostbuster items on display at the show to coincide with the new movie.

Spaaaaace Ghooooost!

Roaming the halls, I bumped into Scott Auckerman (Comic Connerman), host of Comedy Bang! Bang! It's quickly become one of my favorite shows as the humor really skirts that line between "weird" and "too weird" (very much, actually, like Space Ghost Coast to Coast), which I enjoy. Auckerman also recently wrote an issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool for Marvel.

I think that this is three years in a row, now, that I found Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Greoning walking around Comic-Con. I was able to get a sketch of Philip J Fry this time, too!

I was able to land a ticket to one NerdHQ panel this year. A little before noon, it was time to head over to get in line.

Nichelle Nichols was leaving as I arrived. All of the actors dressed up for the Star Trek display across the street lined up to salute her as she left. It was neat to see!

NerdHQ is, without a doubt, Comic-Con's best offsite event. I was able to get tickets to Scott Bakula's panel. Despite being a fan of both Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise, I never formed a strong opinion about Bakula one way or the other...

...until I saw this panel. Bakula came across as smart, caring and funny. Now I'm a really big fan!

I also got to ask a question! Here's my "asking a question" face.

It kind of looks like I'm being stared down by Scott Bakula here.

Aw, heck, let's watch the whole thing! If you watch this and don't immediately become a fan of Scott Bakula, then I'm not sure we could ever be friends. What an honest, sincere guy.

Whenever I don't recognize a costume, I just assume that it has something to do with anime. So, these costumes. Anime?

Classic Wonder Woman. I like it!

I like how this Leela solved the "one eye" costuming issue.

This was a really good Rocksteady and Bebop!

Also walking the floor, I saw Blake Henderson from "Workaholics"! I wonder if there are any other stars from that show nearby...

Yep! Right behind him was Anders Holm!

I! Love! This! Spider-Man 2099! Costume!

Leonard Maltin was carrying Leonard Maltin pins, and I got a few.

Toward the end of the day, I went to two signings. The first was a signing with the cast of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 series. Almost everyone was there!

Here's the wonderful Felicia Day. I'm pretty sure she's yet to do something I don't enjoy. Behind her is Jonah Ray.

And here's MST3K creator, Joel Hodgson!

I got a poster signed by the cast, then it was off to the next signing. Along the way, I had to grab a picture of these heroes. And is that one in the middle from Assassins Creed? Maybe?

The next signing was, unbelievably enough, with Firefly alums Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon!

They were signing new Serenity prints at the Dark Horse booth in advance of the new comic series coming out in the fall.

This looks like Whedon is waving at me. Let's go with that.

Another TMNT Rockstead and Bebop! I like it.

His watch has just begun.

The "Abigail" yacht from Fear the Walking Dead was docked at the harbor behind the convention center.

And they brought their own zombies, too, it seems!

After the show ended, my group and I went to check out the Adult Swim event. The line for this was wrapped around the display and trailed off to the Hilton in the background. Ah well.

I did get to have a visit from Rick and Morty's Mr. Poopybutthole, though, which was okay. We ended up stopping at FX's outdoor display, where we got to watch some panels with headsets. It was more fun than it sounds.

And that was it for a very busy Saturday at Comic-Con. That was a lot of dang pictures I shared! Let's see one more!

July somehow had the most views ever for this blog, and it was by a lot, too. I know that a lot can go into those numbers, but I appreciate all of you for coming back and reading my dumb blog, which I think has been around for about eight years, now! Thanks, everyone!

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