Saturday, May 10, 2014

IDW to publish "Imaginary Drugs"

I'm happy that I can finally announce some fairly big news for a project that I'm involved with.  The "Imaginary Drugs" collection, which previously completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, will be published and distributed in the fall by IDW Publishing.  This means a bigger print run and wider (global) distribution for the book and an overall higher profile for the concept.  As one of the top five publishers in the country, IDW brings something to the book that it couldn't have had otherwise.

I was lucky enough to get in on this project on the ground floor, an as such, I have more stories included than, well, most others.  At last count, I've got five separate stories or chapters of stories running in the book, including two new Teddy and the Yeti tales and three stories with art by the great Paul Tucker.  Below are two preview pages:

In addition to these stories, there'll be a few pinups included to round out the experience.  This is, all in all, fairly big news as IDW carries a bit of heft along with them.  Strictly from the standpoint of who the publisher is, this will be the highest profile book I've been a part of since my very first publication by Dark Horse Comics...and let's face it, that was just about a million years ago.  The Tick is more well known, of course, but IDW is a (much) bigger company, so I'm very excited to be involved.  Sharp readers will remember than I had a half-page comic appear in the pages of Hawken in 2012, so I'm excited to sneak back in with this new publication.

Original Kickstarter backers will still receive their rewards as listed, including a limited "guerilla-style" copy of the book.  I'll post more updates as they're available.  Feel free to check out the official ID Facebook page for previews from different stories.  Spread the word.

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