Saturday, September 7, 2013

Support "FUBAR: Mother Russia" on Kickstarter!

The newest FUBAR Kickstarter has hit the ground running, and by the looks of things, it's already a rousing success.  FUBAR: Mother Russia is FUBAR's first full-length, stand-alone graphic novel, written and illustrated by EIC Jeff McComsey.  Mother Russia follows a Russian dancer in 1943 as the faces two million zombies armed with only a singe rifle.

The first chapter of Mother Russia appeared in the very first volume of FUBAR back in 2009/10, and it is a story that I always hoped to see finished.  After volume three and as the current By the Sword series comes to a close, Mother Russia will pick up the slack in a big way.

FUBAR's Kickstarter campaigns have been successful in the past, and they've helped us to continue creating and putting out books at a good clip.  I think that all of that buildup has led to a dam-bursting event with the current campaign, and the result has been pretty incredible to this point.  I spoke with Jeff a few days ago and he mentioned that he was hoping to get Mother Russia out there and figured that the Kickstarter would be fairly low-key.  It hasn't happened that way, as it's got some good press from Kickstarter itself and other venues, leading to a deluge of donations and most likely an escalation of expectations.  I took this screen shot just a few minutes before publishing this post:

That's right: a very demonic 666 people have backed this project, pledging an ungodly sum of over 36 thousand bucks.  And here's the really incredible thing: this is after only five days.  There's still nearly a month to go!  Incredible.

Just because the book's print run has been funded, though, that doesn't mean there aren't still good reasons to back this project.  First and foremost, you can land a copy of the book.  Beyond that, there are some great rewards to be had, and there are some more on the way that will only be available through the campaign.  Keep it on the down low, but I just might have something to do with one or more of the upcoming stretch goals.

You can check out the FUBAR: Mother Russia Kickstarter page here:

The FUBAR train keeps on chugging along.  A number of folks associated with the book are currently in Baltimore for the aptly named Baltimore Comic-Con.  In the coming weeks, there'll be a handful of new FUBAR events, all of which I'll announce here pretty soon!  Here's a sketch from Baltimore from Dom Vivona to see us off for today:

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