Friday, September 6, 2013

Pictures from the 2013 Comic-Con International, part 6 (True Blood, Serenity in the Park, Arrested Development and more!)

New blog post with pictures?  New blog post with pictures!

I realize that I'm inundating you, faithful reader(s) with pictures from Comic-Con.  I have other things to write about!  I do!  But Comic-Con is such a great experience and there are always so many pictures to show from it, so it's difficult to not just go overboard and share them all.  I guess the Internet will just have to learn to deal with it.

I noticed more Futurama costumes at this year's Comic-Con than at the 2012 version.  I wonder if the show's end had something to do with it (or if I was just imagining things).  I watched the final episode last night - a fitting end to the show if it is indeed that, but I'm holding out hope that the show will find a home somewhere else before too long.  I hope it lives on for years to come.

This is a cute Fry/Leela couple.  Though I think that Leela's wrist thing is on the wrong arm.

Revenge of the red shits!  Very cool cross pollination of genres.

Wearing a green body suit makes a lot more sense than painting everything green.  She did a good job on the parts she did have to paint as well.

This was an unexpected treat.  I recognized these two fellas from their recent roles in the new season of Arrested Development as I stood in line outside of the convention.  I didn't know their names, so as they walked by, I just shouted "twins!!  TWINS!!", but they either didn't hear me or thought that I was referring to the Schwarzenegger/DeVito film from the '80s.  In any case, I hopped out of line to get a picture.  They were at Comic-Con, as far as I could tell, as fans, and they seemed happy to be recognized.  I realize that they played small parts in a Netflix show, but I was very excited to see them and I was surprised that more people didn't recognize them right away.

Okay, I'm not a True Blood fan, but I stumbled upon the cast leaving an event as I was, in turn, leaving the Assassin's Creed pirate ship in the early afternoon.  People were freaking out!  Just look at that lady!  Here's a picture of native Pittsburgher, Carnegie Mellon graduate and Steelers fan Joe Manganiello.

I was also able to get a picture with Ryan Kwanten!  I have no idea what Badass Cinema is, but I hear it's know...badass.

There's so much that I didn't get to see over the five day event.  Is that just a Spider-Man banner, or was there an attraction based on it?  I have no idea.

Marvel and ABC advertised on many of the shuttles that whizzed by the convention center.  I wonder if  it just peels of afterwards?  And what they do with it?

Fox had some interesting ads going on outside as well, in the form of a helium inflated solar system!  This advertised the return of the show "Cosmos", and, well, it was really fun to see.  Here's a video I took of the balloons on the bridge leading to and from the convention center:


Saturday night ended with a showing of the movie "Serenity" on the grass at Petco Park.  It was such a great experience!  It was hosted by Nerd HQ with appearances and brief commentary by Zach Levi, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk!  There was so much great stuff about this: the movie, the people, being able to camp out in the grass outfield at a major league stadium...what an awesome time.  Saturday was a busy, busy day at Comic-Con, but certainly one of the better days I've spent on this planet.

Look for more pictures soon!  There's still plenty to go.

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