Sunday, June 23, 2013

You can't escape it: my students draw even more terrible renditions of the Incredible Hulk

We're aware of how this works by now, right?  It's simple: I give my college freshman class their final at the end of the semester and let them know that I may actually give them bonus points if they draw the Hulk on the cover of their green books.  I don't actually give them extra credit.  It's more of a social experiment.  Anyway, the results are usually terrible, and this past semester, over last month, is no exception.  Check out some of these attempts, with sporadic commentary by me, because if there's anything that demands commentary, it's hastily drawn images of the Incredible Hulk by college students.  Whatever.  Here we go!

Quite the neck on this one.

Bah, Boston?  Come on.  By the way: the Pirates have the second-best record in all of baseball.

Hulk have no feet!

This was probably the best of the bunch.  Nice job, guy.

This entry and the previous one have this in common: they are ADORABLE.

The Hulk looks like he's getting electrocuted, but it's still a pretty good image.

This reminds me of the Mad Libs character.  Weird.

What the heck.

Hulk eats a beehive.

FINALLY!  The catchphrase.

I enjoy these semester after semester.  Great job, kids.


Larry Franks said...

Have any students ever seen their work here on the blog?

Jeff said...

Oh boy, I hope not.