Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thing sketchbook, part 12

It's been a long time since I've had a new entry into the Thing sketchbook.  This takes us to the end of my current sketches...but don't worry, Thing fans, I'm always on the lookout for a lonely comic book artist to accost into adding more to the collection.  Let's dive right in to this batch!

Benn Robbins - Comic-Con International 2012

Benn is a New England Comics employee and the artist on the Mangalicious Tick miniseries.  I met him at Comic-Con and he was kind enough to  listen to my ramblings about the Tick (I've got more than a few).  He adds this great lumpy Thing to the mix!

Magnolia Porter - Comic-Con International 2012

Even though having a booth at Comic-Con means you spend about 50 hours in the convention hall over a five day period, it's difficult to see everything, including things in your immediate vicinity.  On Sunday, though, I took a quick jaunt around the small press section and found a booth maned by Magnolia Porter and Mary Cagle.  I picked up books by both and continue to be incredible impressed by the work they do.  I managed to harass them into adding sketches to the book.  Here's Magnolia's addition, which is just fantastic.  The "Shield" shirt and the cat are great additions.

Mary Cagle - Comic-Con International 2012

I picked up Mary Cagle's book, "Kiwi Blitz" at Comic-Con and I enjoyed every page.  She's a talented creator with a fun art style.  This Thing is more cartoony than probably any other in the book, and I live the uniqueness.  Lookit those stubby legs!  I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Gabe Crate - Comic-Con International 2012

Gabe Crate wrote and drew several Tick one-shots during the early part of the 2000s.  A Bostonian like many Tick creators, Gabe had lots of great stories to tell, most of which I feel comfortable repeating.  This laid back Thing is pretty super, as is the color added.  And hey!  That shirt is canonical, sir.

Ian Nichols - New England Comics FCBD 2013

I had the good fortune of having a signing at New England Comics in Quincy, Massachusetts for the 2013 Free Comic Book Day event.  I sat at a table with a bunch of comics and artist Ian Nichols, who was sketching and raising funds for the "Boston One" cause.  Ian was sketching for the entire time that I was there, but I managed to twist his arm and walk away with this great Thing sketch.

At several points during the process, Tom, the manager of the store, came over to yell at us, which made the event all the more memorable.

That's it for now, but one of my goals of Comic-Con 2013 is to get a few more sketches!  Wish me luck!

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