Sunday, December 16, 2012

FUBAR: Free Comic Book Day 2013 special

A few days ago, I broke the news about the 2013 Tick Free Comic Book day special.  If you took a closer look at Diamond's list of all the FCBD offerings, you'll see another book with my name attached to it.  FUBAR, everyone's favorite zombie war comic, will have a special issue out with all new stories and a new Frank Frazetta-inspired cover by Mike Hawthorne!

This issue will feature four stories that span US history.  My story is in the familiar WWII timeframe and deals with Edward R. Murrow, journalist and patriot in one of his early war assignments.  Other contributors include Jeff McComsey, Steve Becker, Chuck Dixon, Shawn Aldridge and Jason Copland.

May just got a lot bigger for me.  Two books on the same day, with a pretty wide release for both!  It's very exciting.  So if you go to a comic shop on Saturday, May 4th of next year, you can be sure to pick up two books: the Tick and FUBAR, absolutely free!

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