Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Franks and Beans - Comic-Con Intersmashional

Never let it be said that Franks and Beans isn't opportunistic.  Please feel free to say that Franks and Beans isn't popular, because that is true.  But one day...oh, one day.

In a final act of 2012 Comic-Con jubilance, Larry and I took time as cleanup was taking place on Sunday, the last day of the show and minutes after the doors closed, to have some fun and run through the aisles (much to the dismay of the booming, all-seeing Voice of Comic-Con).  We took that footage and edited it into the 57th episode of Franks and Beans.  We even incorporated our Jet Boy and Jet Girl costumes into it!

Watch and be amazed.  Or, dammit, just watch.  And check our our Franks and Beans website at www.franksandbeansonline.com.

1 comment:

Larry Franks said...

That is one hell of a screen shot. Though it gives away the ending. It might be too good to change.