Friday, January 6, 2012

This blog doesn't have enough FUBAR news. I must immediately rectify that oversight.

- The soon-to-be released FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it doesn't seem to be letting up.  Just a few days ago, the popular website Ain't it Cool News posted a review of the anthology and reviewer Liz Reblin had some nice things to say.  I even got mentioned by name!  Awesome.  You can read the full review here:

- FUBAR 2 also made another "best of" list, this time on the website "Panel Patter" and their "Best of 2011: Indie Comics" compilation.  The book came in at #7 on the site's list, which includes the new Planet of the Apes comic and the fictional Mark Twain autobiography.  You can see the entire list here:

- The above picture is iron-clad proof that Diamond distributors is actually shipping FUBAR 2 to comic stores after weeks of uncertainty.  The book will be on the shelves this coming Wednesday, January 11th.  If you want to get a copy a few days sooner, though, read the news below...

- In not-so-new news, the FUBAR signing tour is upon us in just a few short hours!  I'll be selling and signing copies of the new volume, days before it goes on sale to the world at large, as part of a tour that includes six other stores around the country.  My leg of the trip is at Pittsburgh Comics in McMurray, PA, at 113 E. McMurray Road.  Colin, the owner of the store (and a pretty friendly guy) put together a little writeup on the store's website:

This signing will take place from 4:00 until 6:30.  We had originally planned to go until 7:00, but Colin got tickets to the Penguins game, and who can blame him for wanting to cut out a few minutes early?

I'm proud of how good this book looks as a finished product...I know that all involved worked very hard to make this the best that it could be and I think that shows.  If you've been reading this blog and have wondered why so many of my recent posts have been about FUBAR, it's because I've seen how well it all came together.  I'd love it if you, mysterious reader, would take a chance on this book to find out for yourself.

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