Saturday, January 28, 2012

Franks and Beans at Comic-Con

The preparations for the San Diego Comic-Con continue, with much of this month being devoted to CCI's independent film festival, for which there's a brand new Franks and Beans in the works.  The new episode, which is titled "Double Delivery", won't be up online for all to see until one of two things happens: the film festival committee decides to kick our entry to the curb, or the committee accepts it for a screening for the convention weekend.

I have no idea how many films are submitted and accepted, so I really can't guess what our chances are at getting this thing on the big screen.  But if that were to, look out.  Views on the titular internet show might jump all the way from "no one" to "some people" and I'd be super excited about that!

Larry and I put together an introduction of sorts in hopes that the Comic-Con crew just stumbles upon it and gets an extra dose of F&B before watching the submission entry.  I'll be posting it up on CCI's Facebook page in the next few days.  To clarify, this isn't our official entry, just something introducing it and, hopefully, getting more eyes to Franks and Beans.

The deadline for entries is February 1st, and we'll know if we've been accepted sometime in June.  Fingers crossed.  Here's a production still (part of the application process) from the episode!  Comic-Con film festival judges, get ready!  AND CHOOSE US!  Please.

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