Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vote early and often...for FUBAR

Remember MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign?  Or, perhaps a more apt question is "remember MTV?"  I remember watching Weird Al's "Fat" video coming on there one time back in the late '80s...and it was brilliant.  This has nothing to do with that.  This does, however, require love and participation, just like a Weird Al video (see how I brought that full circle?  Amazing).  Oh yeah, and it's about voting.

FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead was nominated by as "anthology of the year", and right now it's up for a vote for a "People's Choice Award".  If you follow the link to IGN's website, you, too, can vote in a manner befitting of the Internet: anonymously and without any threat of recourse.  Let's take a look at the current tally, as of 2:30 am on December 22nd:

Holy...wait, does that mean that FUBAR is winning?  Or that it just has the most vocal supporters?  I suppose I have to wait until January 17th to find out.  But yeah, if you've got a few seconds of time to spare, I hope that you'll (and by "you" I mean you, specifically, beloved reader) head over to IGN's site and vote for FUBAR.  Here's the direct link - - and then scroll down toward the bottom.

UPDATE: FUBAR was just nominated as the best anthology of 2011 by the site  This site is looking at books with a horror slant, and other nominees include Heavy Metal and Dirk Manning's Nightmare World.  You can vote in this showdown as well, should.  Really, do it. Click the following link - - and help FUBAR bring in some awards!

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