Wednesday, December 14, 2011

IGN nominates FUBAR vol. 2 as "anthology of the year"

In what was to me a completely unexpected (and awesome) surprise, has nominated FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead for its "Best Anthology of 2011" award.  Don't believe me?  Check out IGN's list of nominees, or just look at this screenshot:

There's an old cliche about it being an honor just to be nominated, but in this case it rings true: to be mentioned right along with Dark Horse Presents, which is just a fantastic publication, is a thrill.  It's even more exciting when you realize that FUBAR 2 hasn't even, uh, been released to comic shops yet, which means either IGN got an advanced copy or they're looking at the convention preview edition.

Speaking of the release date for FUBAR 2, the book isn't listed with Diamond's new releases for today, the 14th, which is when I was hoping (and expecting) to see it in stores.  I'll assume that it'll be out on the 21st or, at the very latest, the week after.

FUBAR also has a new expanded web presence as of today with the launch of, which features a new store, previews of both volumes and a news blog.  If you're looking to see what FUBAR is all about (and you think I've done a terrible job of explaining it), head over there and check it out!  And don't forget the national FUBAR 2 signing day on Saturday, January 7th.

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