Tuesday, November 22, 2011

War of the Independents #3

I got my first look at both covers to War of the Independents #3 today, and both of them are very impressive.  In addition to Todd Nauck's cover, I'd like to highlight the above by none other than G-Man and Mini Marvels artist Chris Giarrusso.  Featured rather prominently, between the Tick and G-Man, are both Teddy and the Yeti!  I knew that at least one of the characters would be on this cover, but to see both and in such prime location is quite a treat.

As the issue works its way closer to the stands, I hope to get a little more information to pass along, but in the meantime, here's the official solicitation info direct from Diamond:
Title: The War of the Independents #3 
Plot &Art: Dave Ryan 
Cover art: Todd Nauck 
Flip cover art: Chris Giarrusso 
Script: Robert Sodaro 
Colors & Letters: Wilson Ramos Jr.  
Imprint: Red Anvil Comics 
Rating: All Ages  
Format: Comic (32 pgs) 
UPC: 609224530005 
Price: $2.99 
The Story: The War of the Independents raves across the multiverse, and in this issue the supermen are on their way to Norway to locate the fabled hammer, belt and gloves of Thor, the legendary Norse god of thunder. Meanwhile the villain, Maldestrak — a being of godlike power who is pure evil , and bent on the utter destruction of all forms of life — arrives there first acquires the magical items as well as their incredible power; then proceeds to kick everyone’s butts. Guest stars this issue include the Tick, Atomica, Karna and El Gato Negro, as well as many others.
Be sure to check out this book once it reaches stores!

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