Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thing sketchbook, part 7

You know what it's time for?  Clobberin' time.  And that means more Thing sketches Thing sketchbook.  I might want to come up with a better name.  Anyway, this batch of five features some real gems.  Hope the enjoyment level is...right up there!

Ron Frenz - Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

I approached Ron Frenz with my sketchbook, and he told me that he could do a detailed sketch for X amount of dollars (I forget the exact figure), or a less detailed sketch for free.  Cheap jerk that I am, I went the free route - and this is the result.  I can't imagine what the "detailed" sketch would have looked like, because this is pretty wonderful as it is.

Mark Welser - Pittsburgh Comicon 2010

The marker from Ron Frenz's sketch on the previous page has bled through to this page (really, I should know better and carry a backing board with me at all times...WHY AM I SO STUPID?!).  I timidly asked Mark if he could cover the marks up with a sketch, and he proceeded to outdo most of the professional artists in the book.  The color is a really nice touch.

I asked him to add some blue in at the end to the Thing's trademark eyes, realizing I was pushing my luck with what was already a great sketch.  He agreed with me that it looked better with the blue, to my relief.

Jamal Ingle - Pittsburgh Comicon 2009

Jamal did this great, moody sketch for me, all the while talking about how Supergirl's skirt was much too short.  The main artist on the book, he had gotten some flack for drawing shorts on the character rather than falling in line with many artists who continue to draw upskirt shots of the teenage character.

Jamal Ingle, thank you for this Thing sketch, and for being a voice of reason in the comic field that sometimes creeps me out with its depiction of female characters.

Joe Sinnott - Pittsburgh Comicon 2010

"Joltin'" Joe Sinnott inked the Fantastic Four comic for years and years, and to me, he's the title's definitive inker, bringing consistency to the book over decades of work.  This might be my favorite entry into the book, as it's got so much history behind it.

If it were up to me, I'd put the man back on the book today.

Antonio Clark - Pittsburgh Comicon 2010

Antonio was one of the highlights from the "quick sketch" panel at the show, and was nice enough to do this sketch with Four Freedoms Plaza in the background.  He had lots of watercolor samples at his booth, all of which looked awesome.

Would you believe that I have even more Thing sketches to show?  How is that possible?  But I do.  Oh, I do.  And I will show them to you soon.

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