Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jesus Merino's look of constant and unbelievable shock

I can't stress enough how much I enjoy the artwork of Jesus Merino, current penciller on Action Comics.  I'm even more impressed at the fact that the artist has broken out of his role as permanent inker to Carlos Pacheco and has become a distinguished artist in his own right.  Even so, I continue to be amused every time I pick up a book that Merino has illustrated, because there's one feature that constantly stands out to me: in any given issue, several characters will be drawn with a shocked expression to the point that their eyes look like they are about to pop out of their sockets only to swing loosely, dangling from their optic nerves.

All of the images in this post are from Action Comics #900, a book where Merino shared artistic duties with Pete Woods and a few others.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Wow!  There must be some incredible, mind-blowing, surprising-beyond-belief action happening in these pages.  I've never seen Superman so obviously worried!!

Ah well.  We all have our little quirks, Mr. Merino, and I suppose that this is yours.  I still enjoy your work, and honestly, this is something I've come to look forward to every time I see your name on the cover of a book.

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