Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thing sketchbook, part 4

It's time for some more great Thing sketches (and so-so commentary), including my first sketch with color (woo!), courtesy of...well, me.  We're not quite half way through the sketchbook at this point, and I hope to add a couple more in the next few weeks.  Hope you like!

Amanda Conner - Pittsburgh Comicon 2005

Amanda Conner is great a drawing expressive faces, and this is a good example.  Before adding in the speech balloon, she asked "what is the Thing's catch phrase again?"  C'mon, Conner!

Ruben Cordero - 2005

My friend Ruben drew this for me as we were waiting to see the midnight showing of Batman Begins in a theater in the middle of New York City.  I think he stopped drawing because the lights went down.

Ryan Stegman - Comic-Con International 2006

I've known Ryan for a number of years, but we first met (outside of the Internets) at the big San Diego Show in 2006, where he drew this Kingpin-esque Thing for me.  The red shading is particularly nice.

Comic-Con International 2006

This inker (whose name, other than "Dez", I unfortunately forget) stopped by the booth I had at the San Diego show in 2006.  At the time he mentioned being one of the dozens of inkers working on "Infinite Crisis".

Andrew Foley - Comic-Con International 2006

Andrew Foley and Fiona Staples were at the Markosia booth promoting their vampire comic "Done to Death", and Ryan Stegman passed the sketchbook on to them after he finished with his entry.

Some great sketches.  More to come!

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