Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ted sketch cover by Ron Frenz!

I got this piece of artwork in the mail a few weeks ago and just got it scanned in - several things are obvious about it.  First, it's a drawing of Ted.  Second, it's in the distinctive Ron Frenz style (another clue is the "Ron Frenz" signature on the bottom right).  Third, it's similar to Joe Sinnot's Yeti cover.  Fourth, IT'S AWESOME.

Ron is an industry pro with too many credits to list, though he might be most well known for designing the "electric blue" Superman costume.  If memory serves, he's also the first to draw Spider-Man in his black costume in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.  Like Joe Sinnott, Ron has made important contributions to the Fantastic Four over the years.  Unlike Joltin' Joe, Ron's a Pittsburgh guy like me, which makes working with him an extra treat - not to mention he's been one of the nicest guy's I've worked with.

I originally had plans to run Joe Sinnott's Yeti sketch as the "B" cover to issue #4; I might switch that one out with this and move the Yeti to #5 (just because of positioning and because, well, Ted is listed first in the title).  We'll see.  Either way, they make great images and have a "bookend" feel to them.

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