Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Eye of the Beholder" webcomic with Ruben Cordero, extra stuff

Now that the "Eye of the Beholder" story is complete, I thought it'd be fun to show off some of the sketches artist Ruben Cordero did in preparation for the actual pages, as well as some pages in various stages of completion.  This is stuff that has just been collecting virtual dust on a DVD-R in my closet and has never been published, electronically or otherwise.

Here we have some initial sketches of the Hansel and Gretel "demons" that added so much color to the story.  This design work ended up being pretty close to what was actually used.

Some sketches of the main protagonist/antagonist (depending on your point of view) with some more demons.  Now that I'm looking at Ruben's signature on this file I see it has the date "02" next to, we were planning this thing for a while.  Comic work is rarely swift.

This was the reference I found for the pot-belly stove we used in the story.  I can't imagine why I still have this picture.  Did Google Images even exist in 2002?

Ruben started every page out by sketching the rough layouts by hand.  Look at all of the perspective lines on this page!  It's the skeleton of what the page ended up being.

Before computer-designed comic book art was popular, Ruben was working on it with what must now seem like an ancient computer.  These digital inks really tightened things up.

An incomplete page.  The close up on the last two panels is intense...and creepy.

You can see that Ruben did quite a few revisions on the first three panels on this page.  The motion lines are interesting to see.  And hey, check out that stove!

Here's a completed page without all of my words to mess things up.  Ruben colored everything digitally - the colors really work well on this page, with the red and green contrasting nicely.

I'll put up one more post on this subject before putting it to rest at least semi-permanently.  Rather than having to search for each individual post, I'll upload all the pages at once and the whole story will be there to read.  Look for it...whenever I toss it up.  Yes!!!

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