Saturday, December 29, 2018

"Cowboy Santa" Tick cosplay by David Ross

David Ross is a big Tick fan; I knew this before I saw the above picture. I've seen David at the New England Comics booth at the last few Comic-Cons, where he's usually dressed up as Weapon X-style Wolverine or Iron Fist. We've talked comics and The Tick and all manner of things, but this past year in San Diego, David surprised both me and artist Ian Nichols by showing off pictures of himself dressed as The Tick...but a very specific version, from a story Ian and I worked on a few years ago. David dressed up as "Cowboy Santa" from a recent FCBD issue!

The story is "Hair of the Dog", and it features The Tick wearing a beard made of shaved dog hair clippings (sorry for the spoilers, but the story is about three pages long and it came out several years ago, so...). It's the first story that Ian and I worked on together.

It's a pretty surreal experience seeing someone dress up as a character I had something to do with, even if it's just a deviation on an existing character. My thanks to David for making a dream I didn't even know I had come true!

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