Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Tick original cover art from Ian Chase Nichols!

Hello, all! How was everyone's Free Comic Book Day? I was once again able to travel to Boston for the event and I had a great time. I'm glad to see that the new Tick issue is getting some positive reviews and it seems that most people were able to grab a copy if they wanted one. I walked away with a big stack of books and, surprisingly enough, some original art from an upcoming issue!

The image you see above is what will soon become the cover to this year's convention issue. The issue will first debut at the San Diego Comic-Con with a different cover, and will be offered with the above cover for the 2016 Boston Comic Con.

Ian Nichols, who drew the "Tick, P.I." story in the FCBD issue, is on hand for the Boston exclusive cover. There's a lot to like about the cover, especially how many important Tick characters are featured on it! Beyond the Tick and Arthur, there's original series characters like Paul the Samurai, the Running Guy and the Chainsaw Vigilante, newer additions like Caped Cod and Bumbling Bee...

...there's the Man Eating Cow...

...and wouldn't you know, at the top, tumbling backwards out of the boat is none other than Roger, the Tick's maybe-one-time sidekick, who first appeared in the 2015 FCBD issue! Ah, Roger, we hardly knew ya.

I'm obviously thrilled to have this new page of art to add to the collection. Look for the book itself to show up in the next few months!

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