Saturday, March 5, 2016

At the Central PA Comic Con? Pick up FUBAR: War of the Roses

A few months ago, Jeff McComsey and I put together a new FUBAR story that debuts this weekend at the Central PA Comic Con. Comic shop "The Comic Store" has two locations - one in Lancaster, one in York, and so they brought up the idea of doing a story based on the War of the Roses and the struggle between the two eponymous houses. The end result is FUBAR: War of the Roses (with a cover by Brett Weldele), and there are a few places where you can grab a copy if you'd like.

The first is at the Central PA Comic Con, which started yesterday and rolls into tomorrow, March 6th. You can find out more about the show here:

Afterwards, you can find any remaining copies at either The Comic Store or The Comic Store West.

Lancaster Online ran a nice story about the book, which you can read here:

They even made a video about it:

This is our first exclusive FUBAR book and it's neat to see. Maybe we'll see more in the future if all goes well. Thanks to the folks at The Comic Store for setting this up.

EDIT: The book has been spotted in the wild! Very neat. I hope sales are brisk.

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