Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thing sketchbook, part 18

It's time again to check out the Thing sketchbook...which is actually almost full! I've only got a few more spaces and then...I guess it'll be time to start a new one.

Caitlin Rose Boyle - Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo 2015

Caitlin Rose Boyle set up shop at the PIX show in 2015. I thought her work looked great, so I bought a few of her books and got this Thing sketch as well! Boyle just announced that she'll be working on the upcoming book "Jonsey" for Boom! Studios! I think I caught her off guard with this Thing request, which is inspired by Stuart Immonen's New Avengers cover.

Scoot McMahon - Comic-Con International 2015

I imagine that Scoot's real first name is Scott, but as far as aliases go, "Scoot" isn't a bad one, especially for McMahon, who works on a lot of kids comics with Art Baltazar. We spent a while talking about the Fantastic Four while he drew...and I liked this so much that I got him to draw on the FF villains sketch cover that I'm also working on now.

Seamus Smith - Comic-Con International 2015

While making some of my final rounds on Sunday of Comic-Con, I found a booth for the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. I took a trip to the museum in 2012 after Comic-Con and enjoyed it immensely. The booth was raising money for the museum by drawing sketches, so I took advantage by getting two from the artists at the booth at the time. This first one comes from Seamus Smith, who delivers a particularly angry-looking Thing. I think it's because of the red eyes.

Ron Yavineli - Comic-Con International 2015

The second sketch I got at the Cartoon Art Museum booth is by Ron Yavineli, who decided to play up Ben Grimm's Jewish roots. I think he checked off all the boxes on the list with this one. You'll note that this sketch has red eyes as well.

John Yuskaitis - Comic-Con International 2015

I met John at Comic-Con through mutual friends. John is a Boston native who works on his creator owned title "Boots and Pup". We talked a lot about cartoons over the long weekend and it's obvious that he knows his stuff. John was kind enough to draw this full-figure Thing at almost the very last minute as Comic-Con was coming to a close for the year. Never let it be said that I won't try to squeeze in as many sketches as I can when given the opportunity. I really like this entry.

More to come soon!

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