Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pictures from the 2015 Comic-Con International, part 5: Saturday (Game of Thrones, March, Nerd HQ and more!)

Well, two things have been established regarding this blog, I think: first, I can't stay away. Second, I will always have pictures from Comic-Con to post. Here are some more, even though it's January and I told myself (and Larry) that I wouldn't do this again this year. So much for that! Here are some pictures from the Saturday of the show, the busiest day of the event.

Let's start off with some Game of Thrones characters.

And follow that up with some more Game of Throne characters.

And finally, more from Game of Thrones. This last one is great. If they need a stand-in for Petyr Baelish, I hope they call this guy.

I managed to luck my way into line for a signing by the creative team behind the incredible graphic novel series "March", including Congressman John Lewis. This was one of the highlights of my trip to be sure.

These guys did a really nice job. They added in a few other references as well, which I appreciated.

Look, it's Wonder Woman, and...someone else! that Rocket Raccoon? Yes, I believe it is.

C-3PO did a great job with this costume. There was a real live person in side and he even had a voice modulator to talk in the character's voice. Really incredible.

The Tick and Arthur came to the NEC booth. Townsend Coleman (voice of The Tick in the animated series) is in the center.

I, of course, had to get my picture with them before they left. I learned that these guys are actually from Pittsburgh. How is it that I don't know them already?

Jubilee and Captain America. I like this. That is all.

I got tickets to the Nerd HQ "Mystery Panel" this year. There were six guests from different ABC shows and Zach Levi.

The person in the middle was probably the only one I recognized? She played in "House" and was also Captain Kirk's mom in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

It was a fun hour.

I still need to watch...SOMETHING that Zach Levi is in. He does such a good job at putting this together every year, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Wait, I guess I did watch the Thor sequel. So there's that!

Taking a break after a long day at the convention.

Comic-Con after hours.

Weird things happen on the streets of Comic-Con after the show ends. I'm not sure how much is obvious from this picture, but there was a group dressed up like Buddhist monks (maybe they were actual monks? You can never tell at Comic-Con) dancing in a circle. Plenty of people joined in.

It was back to Nerd HQ to finish up the evening. Plenty of photo opportunities there, including this one of my butt.

I jumped into this picture at the last second. I don't know who anyone else is. But they were all pretty cool.

These folks danced around in these raptor half costumes for quite a while. It's a shame that they had to compete with this:

That's a full-size Chewbacca costume, complete with lifts or stilts or something. The guy in this danced for hours and must have lost ten pounds over the course of the evening. Every once in a while he'd take the head off and you'd see him sweating profusely. But he was a real trooper (haw) and kept at it. He got invited to the VIP section after a while. He worked for it.

Here's more Weird Al vandalism. I admit no guilt.

I hit a bit of a wall early on Saturday, and I don't think I took as many pictures as I did on other days. Comic-Con hours take their toll and I really felt it this day. But my second wind finally came during the afternoon and Sunday finished up strong.

Are there more pictures? YES! Will it be another three months before you see any? Hopefully not! See you soon!

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