Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Teddy and the Yeti process video by Jeff Lafferty

This one goes under "how did I forget to post this before now?"  Because I have categories like that, in a filing cabinet, next to my desk.  Whatever.

Jeff Lafferty is not only a great artist, and not only a great guy, but he's a great artist who's a great guy who has drawn Teddy and the Yeti before.  He's also drawn Doom 2099 for Marvel.  I wonder if he gets tired of me saying that, because it's not like he hasn't done other, more impressive things in the years since then...but I guess I just can't let some things go.

A while back, I commissioned Jeff to draw the above image of our favorite cryptozoological adventuring duo.  I eventually used the finished product for a series of trading cards that I gave out at Comic-Con.  Jeff sent me the final piece, which I promptly had framed:

I wrote about this briefly at the time, but since then, Jeff has created a YouTube video that shows off his process in creating the image (with some of that space age time lapse video, too), and it's worth a look, even a few years after the fact (and he name checks Franks and Beans!).  Thanks again to Mr. Lafferty for producing such a fantastic image of these characters!

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