Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Tick comic and cartoon art!

My Tick collection has grown a bit I started writing the book.  What can I say?  There are a few items I picked up recently that must be shared.

First is a page of original art.  This splash panel is by Eli Stone, from the much admired "Big Blue Destiny" story.  There were a few panels on top that were added at a later date.  This page is signed and personalized to, perhaps, the guy I bought it from (I'm not sure if that's the case, but I think it is), and it reads, "For John, Thank you for the advice.  You're a bitter man and I love you!  See you in LA!"  Apparently, all Tick creators make their way to southern California eventually.

I'd love to meet Eli Stone one day and talk to him about this run on the book.  It was weird and wild and, at times, serious.  This is a pretty cool item to add to my collection.

I also managed to grab another animation cel from the Tick animated series.  This is my second and, if I may say, favorite of the two, as it also includes Arthur and is episode specific.  But the best thing about it... that it is two cels in one!  Arthur is on his own sheet.  He's got a chain leading to a metal collar on his neck, if that's not clear.  On the top is an authentication sticker from Saban (the production company).

And speaking of The Tick, there's a new issue coming out in May for Free Comic Book Day!  This issue features a new story with art by Duane Redhead as well as a reprint of a rare Cereno/McClaine tale!  It'll be fun on a bun (whoops, mixing properties).  You can check out a preview of the story here:

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