Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pictures from the 2014 Comic-Con International: part 7 (Venture Bros., Homer Dome, Walking Dead Escape and more!)

Friday was a busy day at Comic-Con.  Okay, every day's a busy day at Comic-Con, but this one seemed especially packed, and I did more at night on Friday than on other nights.  After the awesome Rotten Tomatoes after-show panel, it was out onto the streets for attendees.

On the way, though, I saw this great Archer tribute.  The guy dressed as Krieger really looked the part.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto!

As I've mentioned before, the Simpsons had a large presence at the show, mostly because of the "Every Simpsons Ever" event.  The Homer Dome and related setups were some of the most elaborate and in-demand off-site attractions at Comic-Con.  The folks at FXX seemed to pay a lot of attention to detail and I'm sure Simpsons fans were happy for everything but the extremely long lines.

In addition to the dome, which you could go inside and watch every Simpsons episode at once, there was free food, photo opportunities and giveaways at all times the convention was open.  I didn't brave the lines during the day (though I did get some Marge Simpson cotton candy on Sunday), so I took some pictures at night, on the way to one of the adjoining hotels.

Even though the exhibit was blocked off after hours, people were still climbing in and taking pictures with the characters.

It was then time to attend the Venture Bros. party, put together by the folks at the Venture Bros. blog. If you've never seen the show before, it would seem to be quite difficult (and awkward) to explain the above picture, but suffice it to say that I was very excited to see some of the very elaborate costumes at the party, probably none more so than the episode specific Princess Tinyfeet you see above.  Also featured in this picture is the sunburn on the top of my damn head from earlier in the day (so stupid).

Everyone was given henchmen masks upon entering the lounge, but like true Venture Bros. fans, we brought our own.  Jennie really pulled off the look well, despite putting up a fuss about wearing it in the first place.

The murderous Bettie Rage!

The Outrider!

After a while, it was time for a group photo with all who were in costume.  Look at this lineup!

And then James Urbaniak, the voice of Dr. Venture, showed up and got in on some of the pictures.

Sergeant Hatred and Princess Tinyfeet didn't show up together, but they made the most of the opportunity and of course took pictures like this one.

I didn't run the Walking Dead Escape again this year (seriously, once is enough), but I took a photo opportunity with these two dead cheerleaders.  The makeup at the event is top notch (for an obstacle course).  I just got a GoPro camera, so maybe I'll do this again in 2015 and wear the camera, even though I JUST got done saying that "once is enough".  We'll see.

After getting some food, it was time to go to bed for a while.  On the way back to the car, we passed by another event: Syfy was screening the new Sharknado movie...on the side of a building.  Sharknado was big at Comic-Con this year, and everyone seemed to be in on the joke.  There's always something to do at Comic-Con.

More pictures to come.

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