Monday, December 29, 2014

My students draw the Hulk...and everyone else...poorly.

In another "exciting" addition to this series, here are some of the many superhero drawings my students create in the shallow hope for bonus points on their final exam booklets.  I often ask to see the Hulk (probably the most well-known green-themed character), but when a student brings in a less environmentally friendly blue book (for shame), I allow them to choose a different blue-themed character.  In a stunning apparent rebuke of the American educational system, it seems that plenty of my students can't follow simple directions as this year's crop was all over the place.  But let's start out with some renderings of the Incredible Hulk:

A couple students showed that they have more than a cursory knowledge of comic book characters and chose Green Lantern as their green superhero.

Someone drew this fairly impressive Super Grover, though why they chose a blue character for a green book is beyond me.

And someone went way off script and drew Link from the Legend of Zelda video game:

This terrible Captain America is actually drawn on a blue book, but for whatever reason, the light blue covers always come out looking a pale green in pictures.  Extra points for putting Cap next to the "American Made" logo.

This Superman was probably the best drawn out of all the submissions.  Now if only it was on a blue book and not a green one.  Whatever.

A few students even drew characters I've never seen before.  Here's "Alienman":

No, student, he's not.  You are a liar.

And this one is on a blue book with the title "Marvel".  Could it be the Blue Beetle?  It kind of looks like Night Owl from "Watchmen".  But who knows.

And this blue book has a drawing of...could it be The Tick??  Maybe?  Perhaps we'll never know.

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Larry Franks said...

Those aren't horrible, like they usually are.