Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pictures from the 2014 Comic-Con International, part 5 (Lucas Till, Nerd HQ, Zach Levi and more!)

I know that this costume has been done before, but it was probably my favorite of the entire show.  The green base really made it work.  As I walked away from taking the picture, I overheard some teenager say "it's one of the guys from Toy Story."  Okay, buddy.

This was a very strange addition to the show floor.  This wheeled contraption was controlled by the guy we see here on the screen; he shuttled it from place to place via remote control.  In front, a handler paved they way for the machine to move throughout the convention (presumably so attendees didn't just pick the thing up and run away).  It seemed a bit disconcerting to more than just me, because it took a while to figure out if the guy on the screen was just a recording or if he was actually connected live.  This made me wonder if he was promoting something (the product or a program?) or if this was some guy's way of circumventing the badge-buying process by wheeling himself around as a robot.  In the end it just seemed like a guy with Google Glass and too much time on his hands.  Overheard many times since: "Oh, they did something like this on The Big Bang Theory!"  That damn show.

While walking the convention floor, I saw a few people making a big deal about meeting the gentleman on the left of the above picture.  Curiosity getting the better of me, I asked them just who they were getting their picture with, and they informed me that it was Lucas Till, who might be best known as Havok from the X-Men: First Class movie (also Hannah Montana).  Lucas was kind enough to take a picture with me, and I apparently did my best to mess it up by looking stupid while snapping the photo.

I don't know what the car is from, if anything, but I respect anyone who can maneuver this giant contraption through the aisles of Comic-Con.

Ye olde Tick booth.  I didn't take too many pictures from this location this time around, for no other reason than I didn't really think about it.  Needless to say it was a very fun time.

Sweep the leg.

After the show let out on Thursday night, I went over to the Interactive Zone, where I got to sit in the Ninja Turtles pizza launcher (what fun!).  Apparently I missed seeing Megan Fox and Will Arnett by only a few minutes.  This is a shame, because I would have performed my chicken dance for GOB until we either became good friends or he had me forcibly removed.

The pizza launcher really launched (fake) pizzas at stationary Shredder targets.  You couldn't really see the targets from the top of the launcher, but it was a good time regardless.

After the TMNT festivities concluded, I walked to Petco Park, where both the MTV party and Nerd HQ were located.  The MTV party was unfortunately packed to the gills, to the point where the organizers weren't letting anyone else in until some of those inside left.  Having waited in lines all throughout the convention itself, I thought it best to instead take in the Nerd HQ experience, and I'm glad I did.

Of course, I had to climb up the side of the building to get in.

The timing was good, as we managed to catch Zach Levi (star of "Chuck" and the "Thor" sequel) at the Nerd HQ photo booth.  Levi looks like a giant compared to the rest of us.  He looks like a realistic robot that I could physically step into and control as a way of infiltrating secret Hollywood sects.  He's also a pretty handsome dude.

Also in this picture is Jennie Wood, she of Flutter and FUBAR fame!

My name's on here somewhere.  I found it at some point.

Nerd HQ features a retro arcade, and here's a picture of Jennie working some Centipede magic.

Nerd HQ was, as always, a whole lot of fun.  We spent a few hours there playing games and dancing before heading out for the night.  Levi throws a great party.

We left just as the MTV party was letting out.  I snuck in and saw some of the sights before being forced out.  Here were a few other party goers.

I also ran into a guy wearing a suit made out of stuffed animals (really) and asked to take a picture with him.  Instead, he let me wear the jacket.  It was the sweatiest thing I have ever worn.

I don't really know what this is.  Except that it is Comic-Con.

Who's to say that these aren't the real guys?  It's the same logic as robbin' a bank.

That's it for Thursday of Comic-Con.  Who wants to see more pictures?  Well, you have to wait.  What a shame.

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