Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Comic-Con Tick exclusives

Comic-Con 2014 is nearly upon us, and boy do I have some preparations to do.  Lots of lettering, packing and last-minute planning is on the docket before next week.  But between now and then, there's some new Tick news to pass along!

I've been lucky enough to write the 2013 and '14 Free Comic Book issues of The Tick, and I'm happy to announce that my third issue of the book will released at Comic-Con itself in the form of an issue with an exclusive cover!  This one will be pretty limited - 250 copies in full.  Fortunately, I won't have to fight anyone to get a copy for myself as I'll, you know, be at the booth.  As far as I know, these will be on sale until they're not - meaning NEC is not going to hold books over from day to day.  I hope they story - drawn by FCBD artist Duane Redhead - goes over well.

A second, not-as-limited-but-I-guess-still-technically-limited edition will also be on sale at the show, but it's not exclusive to Comic-Con.  I believe these issues will be sold in NEC stores at any of the locations.  It's a 750-copy version, meaning the issue will have a total print run of...someone do the math for me.  The story inside is the same for both copies!

Duane also drew a really cool image for NEC's 2014 Comic-Con shirt.  This is obviously a Superman homage, and the 'chain' is made out of spoons.

There's also a new piece of Tick merchandise that'll be available at the show: a Tick mug that comes with its own detachable spoon!  I really like the design.

New England Comics will be located at booth 1807 on the convention floor.  I'll be at the booth at various points throughout the five-day event to sign comics, hock merchandise and hang out.  If you'll be at the show, stop by to say hello.


Carly Pandza said...

Does anyone know where I can get that mug or have a mug they bought that I can buy?

Jeff said...

Hi Carly,

I know that we sold out of the mug at the show, but there are talks for another run in the future. I certainly hope there are more produced, as my spoon broke in transit! Check the NEC website every so often...and I'm sure I'll mention it here if they make more.