Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tick and FUBAR Free Comic Book Day 2014 previews

Free Comic Book Day is creeping up on us once again, and the FCBD website has recently been updated with previews of all the participating books.  I've got two books that I'm involved with this year, which is, of course, very exciting.  I hope that everyone will head out to a shop on May 3rd and pick up some comics.

Here's a mild shock to anyone who follows my work: I wasn't fired after the 2013 Free Comic Book Day issue of the Tick.  In fact, I've written this year's issue as well, and I'm very happy to see it take shape.  Both this book and the FUBAR issue went out to the printer earlier today, which means that it would now take a lot of effort and money to keep these books from hitting the shelves.

Above is the first page of the new Tick story; if you'd like to get a further (and surprisingly extensive)  look at the issue, click here and hit the "download" link: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/1042?stockItemID=STK634560

The website has yet to put up the solicitation info for the issue.  I...I think I can post it here?  Right?  Yes.
(W) Jeff McClelland (A) Duane Redhead (CA) Duane Redhead

THE TICK returns for FCBD 2014 with a BRAND NEW, FULL COLOR, 32-page comic book sure to entertain fans both existing and new, young and old!  In “The Bigger Dig”, The Tick and Arthur face off against the Hoarder, an alien menace who does the unthinkable by stealing The City and all The Tick has sworn to protect!  Plus all new backup features!  An exciting introduction for new fans and more fun than you could shake a spoon at!
 If I get yelled at for this, I'll take it down.  But damn it, I wrote the thing so let it rip.

A preview of FUBAR: Ace of Spades is also online on the FCBD site.  You can see it here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/1042?stockItemID=STK634561

It's written by Chuck Dixon with art by Jeff McComsey and Steve Becker.  I lettered it, which in itself is worth the price of admission.  Wait...

Fun fact: after we submitted this book to the folks at FCBD, they made us take out all of the swear words.  I think that if we reprint this story in the future, we'll put them all back in, and toss in a few more for good measure.


dylanio21 said...

What goes on with you and Tick between FCBDs?

Jeff said...

We keep in touch, write letters, exchange links to funny pictures on Twitter.

Jeff said...

Aaaaaand here's a real answer. There were no other issues of the Tick published between FCBD 2013 and '14. Hopefully that will change this year, though, as there might be a new issue in the works.

dylanio21 said...

I really hope so! I loved last year's issue and have loved The Tick in general since I was a kid. You came up with some great stuff, I'd love to see what you'd do with multiple issues or even just a rando' trade per year!
Either way...atleast I'm only a few months from my next Tick fix!