Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zombie Shark: the Baby Zombie Shark

Last year, I posted the finished version of the one-page comic, written by my nephew, titled "Zombie Shark".  The exactly what it sounds like.  This year for Christmas, I helped put together the next one-page chapter of the Zombie Shark, titled "The Baby Zombie Shark".  It's got that same madcap feel to it that can only be created by someone under 10.  So here I present to you the next Zombie Shark, complete with other sea creatures and, for some reason, a guy on a hang glider.

The art on this comic was once again provided by the very adept, Pittsburgh area Meredith Moriarty, of whom we should be hearing more from in the next months.  FUBAR's Jeff McComsey graciously provided the greyscales, and this time I lettered the comic myself.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though I'm slightly taken aback at just how easy it apparently is to write an entertaining comic strip.

Below you'll find the original layout of this tale, straight from my nephew Bobby.  As before, I tried to do my best to capture the feel of the original while presenting it in a professional manner.  The kid's got an eye for layout.

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