Friday, December 13, 2013

Impromptu signing at Comic Book Jones this Saturday, 12/14/13!

The good folks at Staten Island, New York's Comic Book Jones are celebrating their store's sixth anniversary this weekend, and they were gracious enough to invite me and some other talented gentlemen to sign as part of the festivities.

Comic Book Jones is a shop near New York City, and I've heard lots of good things about it.  In the past, they've hosted a number of FUBAR creators, and I've been regaled with stories about the fun time had at this store.  I'm excited to experience it myself and I'm especially excited to get to hang around in the same forum as the other comic guests.

As you can see from the CBJ newsletter, there are a number of professionals attending over the weekend.  I'll be joined on Saturday by FUBAR art director Steve Becker, along with Fred Van Lente,  Ryan Dunlavey and Charles Soule!  Sunday brings to the shop Evan Dorkan, Jacob Chabot, Chris Giarrusso and Frank Tieri!

I'm also listed as "newly added", which I think means that they had to work very hard around my extremely busy schedule, pulling lots of strings to get me to agree to make a public experience.  Either that or I didn't set this up until almost the last minute.  Also, my name does not have its customary "D" on the end, which I always thought was superfluous anyway.

If you're in the NYC area this Saturday, I hope you'll stop by to say hello.  I'll have some FUBAR and Tick books with me and I'll be happy to have a staring contest with anyone who comes in and wants to step up to the plate.  I'm not certain as to what times I'll be in the store; Steve and I are planning on coming in early, but we don't have a time locked down yet.  I'll try to update that information here or on my Twitter feed.  Here's some official info for the store!

Address: 2220 Forest Ave. Staten Island, NY 10303
Phone: (718) 448-1234

And yes, I've already checked.  There's a place that sells Mug Cream Soda right across the street from the store.  Very exciting.

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