Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day is here with the Tick and FUBAR!

Happy Free Comic Book Day, everyone!  Today's a day that I've been looking forward to for quite some time, as I get to pick up some great free comics...and also a couple that I did a little bit of work on.  I hope that we all get a chance to make it to a participating comic shop today for the event - and if you're out there and you happen to see a copy of the Tick or FUBAR specials, well, I hope you'll grab one of those as well.  As a personal favor to me.  I'll owe you.

I got a peek at both books a few weeks ago, but now they're out in the wild and I'm pretty excited about it.  I drove up to Boston yesterday and I'm set to sign some books at three different New England Comics locations this weekend.  My schedule is as follows:

NEC Quincy: Saturday 11-2
NEC Cambridge/Harvard Square: Saturday 4-6
NEC Malden: Sunday noon-2

I was able to write a two-page editorial piece for the Tick special.  Here is proof that I mentioned Franks and Beans in a publication being distributed around the world.

If anyone picks up the book and finds this page as a result, I hope you'll let me know what you thought of it, good or bad.  According to the above screenshot from Reddit (sent to me by FUBAR EIC Jeff McComsey), someone is preparing to bring things to one of the stores for me to sign.  This is pretty bizarre, but of course I will sign anything (car tires, dog collars, liquid nitrogen) that anyone brings my way.

And speaking of FUBAR, today's the day for a pretty big release for this book as well.  The FUBAR: FCBD Special will reach more readers than all of the other publications combined, so we're all crossing our fingers with this one in the hopes that it leads to some new exposure and interest.  Judging from the picture below, it might be working:

This is the stack of the newly-released FUBAR: American History Z that Beyond Comics in Maryland ordered in anticipation of either the apocalypse or some brisk sales.  There's nearly 200 books piled up here.  AHZ came out in stores last Wednesday - just in time! - and hopefully they're in a prominent place come tomorrow.

And as we all know, Mug Cream Soda is hard to come by in Pittsburgh for some ungodly reason, so whenever I take a trip that takes me anywhere near New York City, I stock up.  Suffice it to say that I'm stocked up for a little while, now.

Some quick news items:
- NPR has a handy guide to Free Comic Book Day, and the author of this article lists the Tick as one of his "Best Bets"!
- Rue Morgue has a pre-FCBD interview with a number of FUBAR contributors here:
- IGN also spends some time talking about the FUBAR special here:

If you're in the Boston area, stop by tomorrow or Sunday and say hi.  If not, you can still, as incredible as it sounds, enjoy Free Comic Book Day without seeing or coming into physical contact with me, so I hope you still make it out to grab some free books.  I'll post some pictures from the day here soon, so you can wait in staggering anticipation until those arrive.  It's a big day.


Dave said...

Hey Jeff! I loved your Tick comic!! Any chance you'll do another one in the future?

Jeff said...

Hey Dave! Thanks for the comment! As a matter of fact, I will have another Tick story coming out in July. I've got a new story in the Big Blue Destiny #1 reprint - the whole thing is only a buck! After that, I'll hopefully be doing some more work, though we haven't made any concrete plans just yet.

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