Monday, April 15, 2013

FUBAR FCBD signings, AHZ and beyond!

We're steadily barreling toward some big release dates for some books I've worked on.  The folks over at FUBAR central are gearing up for a push in this and the coming months, and we're all excited about what's on the schedule.  In a matter of weeks, the third volume of FUBAR, American History Z, hits shelves and it clocks in at a massive 436 pages, more than a few of which are written by me.  I've seen a PDF version of this thing and I think that it will impress.

To celebrate, a signing event, the size of which is rarely (if ever) seen in indy comics, is in the works.  Pictured above is a current list of all the shops that'll be hosting at least one FUBAR contributor on May 4th, or Free Comic Book Day!  You'll notice that there are quite a number of stores represented across the country and even into Canada.  For my part, I'll be in Boston at several of the New England Comics locations.  The Tick is obviously a big focus of this event for me, but I'll be there with FUBAR writers Jennie Wood and Kevin Johnson for part of the day and I promise to peddle our new FUBAR projects as well, including the ever-important Free Comic Book Day issue that'll hopefully be intriguing enough to convince a few people to pick up the collection.

Speaking of the third volume, the books recently arrived and were dropped off for folks like Jeff McComsey and Steve Becker to lug inside.  I hear that there were around 200 boxes of books in total, which led to some heavy lifting, I'm sure.  But oh, man, do they look great!  I can't wait to lay hands on some of these beauties.

Jeff made a social media push a few days ago and posted the above picture to Reddit, and within a few hours, the post was the #1 trending thread in the comic book category.  Jeff was a public relations madman, answering questions and selling books left and right.  And somewhere, in the middle of it all, someone started talking about me:

That was pretty strange.  I'm not sure if the post near the bottom, asking if the weird name was supposed to be hyphenated, was referring to me.  If so, I haughtily shake my fist in the air in the general direction of whoever left the comment.

The engine isn't cooling down, though.  In May's edition of Previews, we'll have a listing for the newest FUBAR project, By the Sword.  This will be a traditional comic book (as opposed to a collection) and it'll run for two issues.  The first takes place in medieval times, and I've got a Chaucer sendup to tell in that issue.  The second issues's cover is above, pencilled and inked by none other than Steve Becker, who has been really outdoing himself lately.

I'm pretty grateful to be a part of something as fun and successful as FUBAR.  Check out some of our new projects on May 4th and then again...whenever!  Seriously, we're all over the place.

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