Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tick and FUBAR Free Comic Book Day previews

It's a pretty weird coincidence that I've got two books being released for Free Comic Book Day.  Either one of them - The Tick or FUBAR - would be a pretty big deal, especially when you consider that absolutely no one has ever heard of me or the work I've done (afterwards, Teddy and the Yeti fans can brag about liking me before I was cool).  The Free Comic Book Day website, as simplistic as it is, is slowly filling up with content regarding this year's May 4th event.  In fact, there are a number of exclusive interviews with FCBD creators on the site right now.  How do I get an interview with someone from the site?  Seriously, I need to know this.  Do I contact them?  Do I wait to be contacted? Does this come across as desperate?  Hrumph.

At any rate, one of the new additions to the site has been revealed in short previews of many of the participating books, including both the Tick and FUBAR.  This is the first anyone's seen of either book other than the covers, so it's pretty neat to know that finally, even in this limited capacity, some of my work is floating out there for any number of viewers to see.

Click here to view the Tick's information page on the FCBD website, complete with a link to a pdf file of the issue.  Or, heck, just click here to see the preview.

The FUBAR cover went through a minor-ish change as it readies for the printer.  It was recently recolored by fellow head honcho Steve Becker, and the result can be seen above.  I think that this revision, with a fiery glow as opposed to just the night sky, is just what the doctor ordered.  Click here to view the site's FUBAR page, or click here to go straight to the preview!

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Larry Franks said...

I knew you before TatY, what can I brag about?