Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Comic-Con, part 1

Well, Comic-Con has come and gone for 2012.  I don't hesitate in saying that it was the best convention that I've ever been to, and this is for multiple reasons.  But for now, as I'm waiting to fly home from the San Francisco International airport, pictures will have to suffice.  And oh!  The pictures.  It's going to be a challenge to not have this blog just become a Comic-Con pictures blog for the next month - between me, my wife and Larry, we probably took 600 pictures and most of them are awesome.  So if you don't see something you like in this batch (come on!!), there'll be plenty more to show.  Let's begin!

This was the Iron Man 3 stage at the beginning of the show; on the weekend, Marvel revealed the new Iron Man movie armor.  From the standpoint of sheer size (and cost!), this was maybe the most impressive of all the displays.

Here's part of the Dark Horse booth, featuring an image of Malcom Reynolds from the Firefly/Serenity series (perhaps you've heard of it?).  Oh, Firefly.  We had some adventures in line for this panel.

The LEGO booth was impressive as always.  I wonder whose job it is to build these things and just how much planning goes into it.

My guess: a whole heck of a lot.

The Knight Rider car was on display the entire show, and David Hasslehoff himself showed up on Saturday.

Despite having the movie premier the weekend after, The Dark Knight didn't have a big presence at the show.  This was one of the few things I saw that was related to it.

Happy 30th birthday, He-Man!  This was pretty impressive.

I can't see myself buying a ticket or otherwise watching the Total Recall remake, but they had some really cool things at Comic-Con.  Just wait.

Look, it's the dumb new Superman costume!

I wish that instead they would have built Stan's house.

It's apparently the year for anniversaries.  Here's the big (bigger than it seems from this picture) Cartoon Network mural.  There's a lot of characters on display and it was fun to try and pick some out.

I heard that the Batmobile was going to be at the show, and then I saw this and was disappointed.  But then I went outside on Saturday...

The Foot Clan gets 20%?!?  Who are these people voting for them?

I didn't buy this Thing and I'm kind of disappointed (thought I can't imagine how I would have fit it in my suitcase on the flight home).  Obviously, there were lots of things to buy and I did my share and then some.

We'll end there for now, but there will be lots more to come.  I had been to Comic-Con in 2006, but this one was even bigger.  Stay tuned.

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