Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictures from XCon World 2011

Last weekend's Xcon World (or maybe they're calling it Xcon Myrtle Beach now) has been over for a few days, and after ten hours there and ten hours back, I think I've finally gotten over the car lag.  Is that a phrase, car lag?  It's like jet lag but in a car.  Maybe I should call it "car jet lag".  I'll think about it.

Anyway, Xcon is a nice little show (that just happens to take place at the beach), and it was fun to meet some new people and hang out with friends new and old.  As always, I took a handful of pictures that I'll now share, to the delight of all involved.  Let's begin!

I was told that the little guy was a Doombot.

There's always zombie related events during XCon, to the extent that there's a booth just for people to get their zombie makeup.  The picture doesn't do this girl's makeup job justice, as close up it looked like she really had torn flesh on her face.  Plus, what is that, a My Chemical Romance shirt?  Funny.

I usually take a picture behind the table of the Wagon Wheel Comics booth at every show - one of me crying or in a rage or something equally fun.  I went solo this time and didn't have the you'll just have to imagine me, just slightly off panel, crying so much that I'm throwing up.  Or something.

We're mixing imagery here.

After the show we had a nice night out with some of the fellow organizers and guests.  In this picture we have folks like Laura Benjamin, David Hammond, Space Ghost Coast to Coast's C. Martin Croker and Ren & Stimpy co-creator Bob Camp.  I'm there, too, looking svelte and dashing.

Oh, and did I mention that the show was at the beach?  It totally was.

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