Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Eye of the Beholder" webcomic with Ruben Cordero, page 4

This story's second "act" begins with page four - we're all caught up to date and now we're working in the present.  The dog cages look more like jail cells, but hey, that's artistic license for you.

Now that I think about it, it's because of this story's publication in Strip Search that I came up with a way to sign my name on comics...that is, a different way than I sign, I don't know, a check or something like that.  The first time I saw a copy of Strip Search was at my local comic shop, Impossible Dreams Comics in Bridgeville, Pa.  The owner of the store ordered a copy for himself (probably because it's all I had talked about for a month) and asked me to sign it.  I wrote my whole 14-letter name, stopped to look at it, and said "I've gotta come up with something better".  What I came up with over the next few days is basically my initials and the date, so whether or not it's "better" is debatable, but at least I have a comic book signature to go with now.

Oh, and by the way, the best comic book signature I've ever seen has to belong to Mark Schultz (of Xenozoic Tales fame).  I'm told he worked on it for quite a while.


Bo Duke said...

Your sig is also quite easy to forge. As I have learned at the last few shows when you are not at the table.

Jeffro said...

Mark Schultz' work is awesome, isn't it? I draw with Rog Petersen about once a week. Also an awesome artist. But I think his newer stuff, done in a more old-timey style is a vast improvement from their SubHumans days. I like the blog and your work. Glad I stumbled upon it. Keep up the great work!

Jeff said...

Jeffro! Thanks so much, I appreciate it.