Thursday, June 10, 2010


My good friend Mario Wytch just sent me a link to his all-new webcomic, Coolsville.  Coolsville is about a world where being a superhero is a 9-5 job, complete with all of the office drama contained therein.  Coolsville is also about a world where dogs can talk, apparently, as you can read in the above installment just released today!

The site updates twice a week, so I look forward to reading about the adventures of Devon Cole (didn't he play for the Pirates back in the day and also wear goggles?  Oh wait, a quick trip to reveals that that was Alex Cole, member of the 1992 NL East champions who then got taken by the Colorado Rockies in the expansion draft, if memory serves) and I hope you check it out, too.  Heck, I may try and convince Mario to let me write a few strips every now and then.

Check out the series synopsis here, and read the comics here!  And be sure to check out the fan page on Facebook, too.

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