Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The dreaded swine flu strikes again.

I just got word that Teddy and the Yeti artist (and he of the adjectival last name) Duane Redhead is laid up with H1N1 - better known as the swine flu, which, I think, would make a great "catch" for a comic book villain.  Or, better yet, they should put out an issue of a book where various super heroes hunt down all of the pig-themed villains in the name of worldwide sanitation.

Of course, this is a serious matter, but as Duane has still been e-mailing me, I can only expect a full recovery for him and his wife, who, as a school teacher, is probably to blame for this whole mess (I'd like to point out my facetious nature in regards to that last statement, lest someone takes my jocular comments in the wrong context).

About a month ago I was put out of commission by something very similar - it was the flu for sure, and while it certainly could have been the swine flu, I never went to the doctor to check, so...  I can attest that being sick in this manner is absolutely no fun at all - when I was down and out, my days consisted of sleeping for 14 hours, waking up in a semi-functional state for 30 minutes, feeling terrible, and then going back to bed again, waking up only to cough up various fluids from time to time.

My thoughts and prayers are with Duane.  I hope that he recovers soon enough for me to cajole him into drawing more Teddy and the Yeti, selfish bastard that I am.


Larry said...

Nothing you say in that second paragraph makes sense to me.

Jeff said...

Larry, they made a pig version of Spider-Man. Nothing in the WORLD makes sense.

Larry said...

I like how is nostrils look like his eyes