Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cover preview, part 4

Remember when I told you that I wasn't actively trying to produce more Mr. Massive material (ALLITERATION!!)? Well, it's still true. Even so...there was a time when I thought I'd make it big with the character, and I did try in earnest to drum up some support for a Mr. Massive title.

As we all know, judging a book by its cover is just fine and dandy, which is why people pay so much attention to comic book covers - they are always EXACTLY INDICATIVE of what is going on inside. As I was peddling Mr. Massive around the Comic-Con International in 2006, I managed to convince all around great guy Todd Nauck to draw a cover for the book - it was planned that we'd do a second issue and it would be the main cover.

For a number of reasons, that never happened, and the world was deprived of a great cover for far too long. As Mr. Massive will be featured in Teddy and the Yeti's second issue backup tale, I figured that I might not get another chance to use this gem of a cover. Obviously, I'm not going to use it as the main cover for the book, but I wanted to use it somewhere, so it's getting the back cover spot - a criminally poor place for such a great piece of work, but better than sitting on my hard drive indefinitely, gathering digital dust.

I've posted the black and white inked version on the main site, but here's a little clip of the colored version - Karin Rindevall once again helped out and did a great job. To find the cover on issue #2, here's some instructions:

1) buy the book
2) flip it over


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